Wiki Exercise

SAARC Workshop 2011 @ Nepal on “Library 2.0”
12-16 Dec. 2011
(Hotel Marshyangdi, Thamel, Kathmmandu, Nepal)

Day -3 (Wiki) : 14th December 2011, Wednesday

Resource person:
Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Computer Officer, SAARC Documentation Centre, New Delhi, India /

Wiki Exercise - 1
1. Visit, open a page and edit it.
2. Open the SAARC documentation centre page in Wikipedia and insert your name in the list of participants mentioning your name, your designation, your organization name and address.
3. Make your city name as internal link if it available in wikipedia
4. Make you organization name as external link with your organization’s web site address
5. Create a new account in Wikipedia and create a page for your organization’s name.

Wiki Exercise - 2
1. Visit, create your new account
2. Log in the, search and open a page and edit it.
3. Create a new page of some educational material and save it in wikieducator.
4. Use the internal link and external link in the above page.
5. Insert some images also.

Wiki Exercise – 3
1. Visit /
2. Create an account
3. Create your wiki site using the above wiki farm.
4. Use various formatting styles.
5. Do some editing work.