Due to technological revolution, there is vast difference between the traditional library and digital library setup. The emphasis is now on access to information instead of possession of documents in timely manner irrespective of formats such as audio, video, pictures etc. The users’ demands are increasing day by day which librarians need to take care of and that too in cost effectively manner. Sometimes the librarians requires to work independently without much technological orientation. In such scenario, idea of Library 2.0 comes to rescue, as there are many tools available, which are simple to use from users point of view, giving technological edge, which assures satisfaction of users and requires little technical knowledge to implement at the same time. The participants attending the workshop will be benefitted as the topics covered are very much with current trends and the tools used for same are freely available which they can directly apply in their own organizations provided they have the basic infrastructure such as a computer, internet connection, intranet etc. The main purpose of organizing this workshop is the practical applications and usage of Web 2.0 techniques in library services. Following are the major objectives of the this workshop: -
1. To create awareness about Web 2.0 Technology in Library Services. 2. To facilitate appropriate learning environment for information service professionals.
3. To guide on selecting appropriate technology to be used for library services.
4. To train about implementing Blog, Wiki, RSS, Online sharing of documents, slides, videos etc. at respective libraries to make library more user-centric.
5. The workshop is a platform for interaction between professionals in SAARC members states and for sharing and exchanging their ideas about latest advancements and practices in the areas of Library and Information Science.